We offer sales, of a large array of products, from the most respected names in the instrumentation business
ABB, AGM, elster-AMCO Metering, BRODIE, Foxboro, MicroMod
Mobrey, ROSEMOUNT, TEL-TRU and Weed


Included in this range are products for industrial process analytics, system automation – controllers – recorders – signal conditioning – flow, level
pressure transmitters and gauges – temperature sensors / transmitters and thermometers – valve actuators and positioners – process instrumentation and monitoring equipment

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Absolute Pressure Transmitter sales and service

Ammonia Monitor sales

Analytic sales



Boiler Control sales and service


Chart Recorder sales and service

Chemical, Petrochemical and Plastics

Chloride Monitor sales

Combustion Analysis and Efficiency

Controller sales and services

Conductivity Analyzer sales and service

Custody Transfer

Dairy and Pasteurization Instrument sales and service

Data Logger sales and service


Differential Pressure Transmitter sales and service

Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer sales

EPA Compliance

FDA Compliance

Field Service

Fluoride Monitor sales

Flow Meter Sensors and Transmitter sales and service

Food Process Instrument sales and service

Gauge Pressure Transmitter sales and service

Heat Treating

Hydrazine Monitor sales


Level Transmitter sales and service

Magnetic Flow Meter sales and service

Mass Flow Meter sales


Municipal Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment

Multivariable Transmitter sales

Nitrate Monitor sales

Oil Transfer and Process

Paperless Recorder sales and service

pH / RedOx / ORP Monitors and Transmitter sales


Phosphate Monitor sales

Pipeline Instrument sales and service

Power Generation

Pressure Transmitter sales and service

Process Efficiency

Retort Control sales and service

Silica Monitor sales

Sodium Ion Monitor sales

Specific Gravity Monitor Sales

System Commissioning

Temperature instrument sales and service

Third Party Verification

Transmitter sales and service

Signal conditioning

System Troubleshooting

System Tuning

Turbidity Monitor sales

USDA Compliance



Videographic Recorder sales and service

Water Meters

Water Quality

ABB Instrumentation Products 

ABB absolute Pressure Transmitters
ABB ammonia Analyzer and Monitors
ABB analytical Instruments, Monitors and Transmitters
ABB automation
Asea Brown Boveri
ABB Chloride Analyzers and Monitors
ABB Combustion Analyzers
ABB Commander Series Instruments, Recorders and ABB ABB Controllers
ABB Conductivity Analyzers and Transmitters
ABB Controllers
ABB Coriolis Mass Flow Meter sales,
ABB Current to Pressure ( I to P ) Transducers or Converters
ABB Dairy Controllers
ABB Dairy Equipment
ABB Dairy Instruments
ABB Dairy Recorders
ABB Dairy Transmitters
ABB Differential Pressure Transmitters
ABB Differential Pressure Flow Meters and Transmitters,
ABB Dissolved Oxygen ( DO ) Analyzers and Transmitters
ABB Equipment
ABB Fischer and Porter
ABB Flow meter, Indicators, Recorders and Totalizers
ABB Fluoride Analyzers and Monitors,
ABB Gage Pressure Transmitters
ABB Hydrazine monitors
ABB Instrumentation
ABB Instruments
ABB Kent Taylor
ABB Kent-Taylor
ABB Instrumentation
ABB Integral Orifice Flow Meters
ABB Level Transmitters and Indicators
ABB MagMaster Flow Meters and Transmitters
ABB Magnetic flow meters
ABB Mass Flow Meters
ABB Mod 30
ABB Multivariable Transmitters
ABB Nitrate Analyzers and Monitors
ABB ORP Analyzers, Monitors, Transmitters and Controllers
ABB O2 Analyzers
ABB Pneumatic Transmitter sales and service
ABB Pressure to Current ( P to I ) Transducers or Converters
ABB pH Analyzers and Controllers
ABB pH Monitors
ABB Ph Transmitters
ABB Process Analytics
ABB Process and Level Indicators
ABB Chart Recorders
ABB Redox
ABB Repairs,
ABB Sanitary Transmitters
ABB Sales,
ABB Service,
ABB Silica Analyzers and Monitors
ABB Sodium ION Analyzers and Monitors
ABB Swirl Flow Meters and Transmitters
ABB and Taylor Mod 30 Controllers and Recorders
ABB Temperature Sensors and Transmitters
ABB Transmitter Sales,
ABB Turbidity Analyzers and Transmitters
ABB Ultrasonic Flow and Level Meters
ABB Bailey Valve Actuators
ABB Bailey Valve Positioners
ABB Vortex Flow Meters and Transmitter sales
ABB Wedge Flow Meters and Transmitters
ABB Whirl Flow Meters and Transmitters
ABB Trio Whirl Flow Meters and Transmitters 

AMCO Metering Products

Flow Meter
Metering Products
Water Metering Systems
Water Meters
Chemical Meters
Gas Meters
Hot Water Meters
Industrial Flow Meters
Metering Products
Magnetic Flow Meters
Municipal Flow Meters
Natural Gas Meters
Oil Meters
Oscillating Piston Meters
Piston Flow Meters
Positive Displacement Meters
Flow Totalizers
Turbine Meters
Elster AMCO metering products
AMCO Water Meter,
Kent Water Meter,
Batch control, Batching, totalizers, WMS, metering products, Water Metering Systems, WMS, utility applications, submetering applications, industrial applications, Municipal, Commercial, Industrial Flow, Domestic Flow

Weed Instrument Products
Ultra Electronics
Ultra Nuclear Sensors & Process Instrumentation (NSPI)

Ultra / Weed Resistance temperature device

Ultra / Weed rtd


Ultra / Weed Industrial Temperature Sensor

Ultra / Weed Thermocouple



Ultra / Weed certified sensor

certified RTD

certified Thermocouple


Ultra / Weed temperature transmitters

Ultra / Weed smart temperature transmitters

Ultra / Weed sanitary temperature sensors

Ultra / Weed sanitary rtd, dairy rtd sales,

Ultra / Weed temperature averaging rtd’s

Ultra / Weed temperature switches

smart transmitters

Ultra / Weed temperature measurement

Ultra / Weed Temperature instrument

Brodie Meters

BiRotor – Positive Displacement Flow Meters
Oval Gear – Positive Displacement Flow Meters
Control Valves

Vertical In-Line Strainers

Strainers In-Line and Angle

Air Eliminators and Combination Air Eliminators Strainers

AGM Electronics Products

Product Applications

Signal Conversion

Signal Conditioning

Signal Isolation


Signal Selection


Data Communication and Telemetry


Data Logging

Display / Interface

Total System Solutions

Potable and  Waste Water Management

Irrigation and  Sprinkler Controller

Power Plant and Sub Station Monitoring

Landfill Leach and Run Off Monitor

Data Connectivity

Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants

Sewage Lift Stations

Potable Water Distribution Systems

Electrical Power Generating, Transmission and

Distribution Facilities

Mining and Excavation Operations

Petroleum/Natural Gas Gathering, Transmission and

Distribution Facilities

Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Facilities

Water Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

Environmental Impact Studies

Homeland Security

Meteorological, Geological and Oceanographic Studies

Food and Beverage Handling and Processing Plants

Energy Management Systems

MicroMod Automation  


MOD 30ML Split Architecture



MODCELL Spare parts

MOD 30ML Spare parts


Micro Tools

Micro-DCI Products


Auxiliary Equipment

DCI 53MC5 Spare parts

Micro-Mite 53SL6 Spare parts




Loop Command SLC / CLC Spare part

Micro PWC

HMI Software

OPC Servers




MicroMod – Boiler Control Application Data

MicroMod – Boiler Control Engineering Specs



Water/Wastewater treatment Application Data

Specialty Chemicals

Food, Dairy and Beverage

MicroMod – EVAPAK

MicroMod – VACUPAK


MicroMod – Food, Dairy and Beverage Application Data

Multi-loop control

DCS Control

Advanced Control

Foxboro Instrument Products

Foxboro Absolute Pressure Transmitters
Foxboro Echem Ammonia Analyzers and Monitors
Foxboro Echem Analytical Instruments, Monitors and Transmitters
Foxboro Automation
Foxboro Echem Conductivity Analyzers and Transmitters
Foxboro Controllers
Foxboro Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
Foxboro Current to Pressure ( I to P ) Transducers or Converters
Foxboro Dairy Controllers
Foxboro Dairy Equipment
Foxboro Dairy Instruments
Foxboro Dairy Recorders
Foxboro Dairy Transmitters
Foxboro Differential Pressure Transmitters
Foxboro Differential Pressure Flow Meters and Transmitters
Foxboro Dissolved Oxygen ( DO ) Analyzers and Transmitters
Foxboro Equipment sales
Foxboro Flow Indicators, Recorders and Totalizers
Foxboro Gage Pressure Transmitters
Foxboro Instrumentation
Foxboro Instruments
Foxboro Instrumentation
Foxboro Level Transmitters and Indicators
Foxboro ElectroMagnetic Flow Meters and Transmitters
Foxboro Magnetic flow meters
Foxboro Mass Flow Meters
Foxboro ORP
Foxboro Pneumatic Controllers
Foxboro Pneumatic Recorders
Foxboro Pneumatic Transmitters
Foxboro Pressure Transmitters
Foxboro Pressure to Current ( P to I ) Transducers or Converters
Foxboro pH Analyzers and Controllers
Foxboro pH Monitors
Foxboro Ph Transmitters
Foxboro Process Analytics
Foxboro Process and Level Indicators
Foxboro Recorders
Foxboro Redox,
Foxboro Sanitary Transmitters
Foxboro Sodium ION Analyzers and Monitors
Foxboro Temperature Sensors and Transmitters
Foxboro Transmitters
Foxboro Valve Actuators
Foxboro Valve Positioners
Foxboro Vortex Flow Meters and Transmitters
Foxboro Water Analyzers
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Rosemount Instrument Products

Rosemount Absolute Pressure Transmitters

Rosemount Automation

Rosemount Compact Orifice Flowmeters

Rosemount Dairy Equipment

Rosemount Dairy Instruments

Rosemount Dairy Transmitters

Rosemount Differential Pressure Transmitters

Rosemount Differential Pressure Flow Meters and Transmitters

Rosemount Equipment

Rosemount Flow Converters

Rosemount Flow Meters

Rosemount Flow Tubes

Rosemount Gage Pressure Transmitters

Rosemount Gas Panel Transmitters

Rosemount Instrumentation

Rosemount Instruments

Rosemount Instrumentation

Rosemount Integral Orifice Flow Meters

Rosemount Level Transmitters and Indicators

Rosemount Magnetic flow meter sales

Rosemount Pressure Transmitters

Rosemount ProBar Flowmeters

Rosemount Reducer Vortex Flowmeters

Rosemount Repairs

Rosemount Sanitary Transmitter sales

Rosemount Sales

Rosemount Service

Rosemount Temperature Sensors and Transmitter

Rosemount Transmitter Sales

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Micro Motion

Micro Motion Flow Meters
Coriolis Flow and Density Meters
Coriolis Transmitters
Coriolis Configuration Tools and Peripherals
Density Meters”
Product Listing by Industry
Alphabetical Product Listing
Micro Motion Flow and Density Measurement Products
Mass flow meters

Natural Gas Flow Meters
Oil Meters
Flow Totalizers

Mobrey Measurement

Liquid and Dry Level Measurement
Pressure Transmitters
Flow Computers & Signal Converters
Density Meters
Suspended Solids
Data Acquisition
Steam & Boiler Controls

Continuous Liquid Level Measurement and Control – Covering ultrasonic non-contact, microwave radar, hydrostatic, displacer & submersible level transmitters, and self powered contents & magnetic level gauges
Point Liquid Level Detection – Covering the original Mobrey float operated liquid level switches, vibrating fork liquid level switches and ultrasonic gap sensors and switches
Solids and Dry Level Detection – Covering paddle, capacitance and vibrating rod level switches for point level detection, and ultrasonic non-contact transmitters for continuous level measurement